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Human and Social Response Research Division
International Disaster Resilience
Kanako Iuchi (Associate Professor)


Research summary


My primary area of research interest is planning and policy development in post-disaster recovery. In particular, I focus on resettlement, planning systems, and post-disaster governance in the Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan 2013), the US (Hurricane Sandy 2012; Hurricane Katrina 2005), Japan (Great East Japan Earthquake 2011, Chuetsu earthquake 2004) and Indonesia (Indian Ocean tsunami 2004). Through these studies, I hope to advance knowledge on better rebuilding after natural disasters and to increase resiliency against future catastrophes.


Picture1 Resident interview at temporary housing site in the Philippines, 2013



Figure 2 Evolution of Japan’s Recovery Governance Structure, modified from Iuchi, K., Johnson, A., and Olshansky, R (2013)