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Hazard and Risk Evaluation Research Division
Disaster Potential Study
Akira Mano (Professor)
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Research summary


Coastal levees at the southern Sendai bay coast were densely beached by the 2011 tsunami. The back land of the remained levees was eroded along the levees and the back land of the breached points was eroded with massive width and landward length. They were called tsunami channels and tsunami bays respectively. We are studying the mechanism of such large scale scouring and developing the numerical model to predict the phenomena.
Soon after the disaster, we established Tohoku Branch Joint Academic Reseach Comittee on the Great East Japan Disaster including Japan Society of Civil Engineers and the other 6 societies and published the report of 1200 pages in DVD in Japanese, September 2013. We continue the activity of the comittee to spread the findings to engineers, policy makers, citizens, students etc. The lectures were or are to be delivered at Kushiro, Sapporo, Hakodate, Hachinohe, Sendai, and Koriyama.
Landside slope of the coastal levee. Overtopped tsunami jumped into the air and retouched to wash the armour blocks away in the lower height. North Yamamoto coast.