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トピックス2018.01.23Disaster Earthquake Archive built by the Affected Prefectures (Imamura, Shibayama, and Boret)
トピックス2018.01.09Special Lectures in Angeles University (Egawa)
報道2018.01.03Thai PBS NHK WORLD and Japanese Experts in natural disasters visit Thai PBS to discuss dissemination of disaster information (Ono)
トピックス2017.12.22Free Berlin University Research Visit (Imamura, Suppasri, Shibayama, and Boret)
トピックス2017.12.071st AKNZ-Congress Care in Civil Protection – Future Perspectives and Concepts (Egawa)
報道2017.11.20TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION Research into disasters 'heavily skewed towards richest counties' (Izumi)
トピックス2017.10.19Faculty of Public Health UI Science Festival (Egawa)
トピックス2017.10.18"A Global Assessment of Historical and Future Tsunami Hazards" is now available.
トピックス2017.10.12Disaster Risk Reduction: French-Japan Week – Sendai Event (Imamura, Suppasri, and Boret)
トピックス2017.10.12Disaster Risk Reduction: French-Japan Week in Tokyo (Imamura, M. Sato, Suppasri, Goto and Boret)
トピックス2017.10.05The 3rd Annual Meeting of Society of Disaster Medicine and Public Health (Egawa)
トピックス2017.10.04Research Presented at JSDRR Annual Conference 2017 Kobe (Maly, Shosuke Sato, and Sadaike)
報道2017.09.26nature news Deadly Mexico quakes not linked (Toda)
報道2017.09.25Fujitsu Journal Attaining the SDGs in 2030: How Should Companies Get Involved? (Imamura)
トピックス2017.09.04Princess Chulabhorn’s College Satun and Furukawa Reimei High School’s teachers and students visited IRIDeS (Suppasri)
トピックス2017.09.01JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program visited IRIDeS and attended lectures by IRIDeS members (Imamura and Suppasri)
報道2017.08.16Suddeutsche Zeitung Gegen die Katastrophe (Motosaka, Preservation of Historical Materials Research Field)
災害速報2017.05.29Prompt Report on "The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake" in English is available here.
トピックス2017.05.29International TV conference on students’ volunteer activities as a pre-event of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017 (Imamura, Jibiki)
トピックス2017.05.08WADEM Toronto 2017 (Egawa)