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トピックス2016.08.30Princess Chulabhorn’s College Satun and Furukawa Reimei High School’s teachers and students visited IRIDeS (Suppasri and Yasuda)
トピックス2016.08.23Wave Measurements at Sendai Port – Fieldwork (Bricker and Roeber)
トピックス2016.08.23Assessment of harbor oscillations and ship waves for mariners’ safety – Collaboration (Roeber)
トピックス2016.08.23JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program visited IRIDeS and attended lectures by IRIDeS members (Suppasri)
プレスリリース2016.08.19Seawalls and forests show mixed effectiveness at reducing deaths and damage from tsunami
トピックス2016.08.18IRIDeS members visited the Thai Meteorological Department, the National Disaster Warning Center, and Chulalongkorn University at Bangkok (Suppasri)
トピックス2016.08.17Thailand’s Ministry of Education invited IRIDeS members to give lectures in Disaster Education Training Workshops at Bangkok (Suppasri)
トピックス2016.08.09A student team from the Japan-UK Young Scientists Workshop 2016 joined the evacuation experiment under the supervision of the IRIDeS members at Matsushima Town (Suppasri, Sugiyasu, and Yasuda)
トピックス2016.08.09IRIDeS members attended and organized a session at AOGS2016 (Iwasaki, Suppasri, Mas, and Goto)
トピックス2016.08.09Joint seminar and operation room visit at China National Tsunami Warning Center (Suppasri and Mas)
トピックス2016.08.09UK-Japan Disaster Research Workshop: Cascading Risk and Uncertainty Assessment of Earthquake Shaking and Tsunami (Imamura, Koshimura, and Suppasri)
トピックス2016.07.25An experiment has been conducted to test a mobile application to estimate building damage from a tsunami at Kesennuma City (Suppasri and Abe)
トピックス2016.06.08The Fifth Indonesia-Japan Joint Working Group for Development of Bilateral Financial Cooperation (Suppasri)
トピックス2016.06.01IRIDeS NEWs:Oblique slip deep underground, strike-slip fault and normal fault running parallel – may be the first case of slip partitioning in Japan-
トピックス2016.05.31IRIDeS NEWs:The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake: mechanism of aftershocks is rationally explicable, continue to be cautious
トピックス2016.04.01High school students from Nepal visited IRIDeS (Suppasri, Kuri and Yasuda)
プレスリリース2015.08.06Typhoon Haiyan's Destructive Tsunami-like Wave Generated by Surf Beat over a Coral Reef (Roeber, Bricker)
災害速報2015.05.22Prompt Report on "4.25.2015 Nepal (M7.8) Earthquake" is now available in English.
災害速報2014.06.06Field survey in Eastern Samar, The Philippines (Bricker, Roeber, Jibiki)
災害速報2014.05.28Initial Report of IRIDeS Fact-finding mission to Philippines has been uploaded.