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トピックス2018.09.10Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Satun and Furukawa Reimei High School’s teachers and students visited IRIDeS (Suppasri)
報道2018.09.07AFP-JIJI Japan resilient, but climate change making disasters worse: experts(竹谷)
トピックス2018.09.04TDMRC visit under the World Class Professor (WCP) program (Suppasri)
トピックス2018.09.04IFMSA Action Summer Camp 2018 (Egawa)
トピックス2018.09.04TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Seminars (Egawa)
トピックス2018.08.23Large scale earthquake disaster drill in Western Japan (Koshimura and Egawa)
トピックス2018.07.31UNFCCC’s Expert Meeting on National Adaptation Goals/Indicators and Their Relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (Ono)
トピックス2018.05.09Joint Symposium on eHealth and Technologies for a Resilient Community against Disasters (Egawa)
報道2018.03.29Serambi INDONESIA Tim Tohoku University Jepang Audiensi ke Serambi(Ono, Chikata and Chubachi)
報道2018.03.09NHK WORLD People with tsunami evacuation plans fled early (Shosuke Sato)
トピックス2018.03.01Participation in the UW-TU: AOS Symposium on Natural Disaster Management (Imamura, Kuriyama, Izumi, Torayashiki, and Maly)
トピックス2018.02.23Visit from the Campus Asia Program on Risk Management, Kobe University (Maly and Boret)
トピックス2018.01.23Disaster Earthquake Archive built by the Affected Prefectures (Imamura, Shibayama, and Boret)
トピックス2018.01.09Special Lectures in Angeles University (Egawa)
報道2018.01.03Thai PBS NHK WORLD and Japanese Experts in natural disasters visit Thai PBS to discuss dissemination of disaster information (Ono)
トピックス2017.12.22Free Berlin University Research Visit (Imamura, Suppasri, Shibayama, and Boret)
トピックス2017.12.071st AKNZ-Congress Care in Civil Protection – Future Perspectives and Concepts (Egawa)
報道2017.11.20TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION Research into disasters 'heavily skewed towards richest counties' (Izumi)
トピックス2017.10.19Faculty of Public Health UI Science Festival (Egawa)
トピックス2017.10.18"A Global Assessment of Historical and Future Tsunami Hazards" is now available.