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トピックス2017.03.17The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes Recovery and Reconstruction Observation and Interview Surveys, Kumamoto (Suppasri and Leelawat)
トピックス2017.03.02IRIDeS member was invited to the Second Business Plan Competition (Leelawat)
トピックス2017.02.28Consultation on long-term psychosocial impact of disaster in WHO Center for Health Development (Egawa)
トピックス2017.02.22Bilateral Joint Research Seminar (BJRS) between Japan and Korea- Smart Design Tourism -, Okinawa (Leelawat)
トピックス2017.02.17IRIDeS member was invited to give a special lecture at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Chiang Rai Campus, Thailand (Leelawat)
トピックス2017.02.13Third JASTIP Symposium – ASEAN-Japan STI Collaboration for SDGs - (Leelawat)
トピックス2017.01.20Special lectures and promotion of collaboration with Philippine counterparts (Egawa)
トピックス2016.12.16The 10th Aceh International Workshop and Expo on Sustainable Tsunami Disaster Recovery (Egawa)
トピックス2016.12.12The 6th Annual Tsunami Seminar, Kansai University (Imamura, Suppasri, Leelawat, Yamashita, and Hayashi)
トピックス2016.12.0810th AIWEST-DR 2016 co-organized with the TDMRC, Syiah Kuala University (Imamura, Suppasri, Sakurai, Boret, Sugiyasu, Jibiki, and Yasuda)
トピックス2016.12.0623rd Pfizer Health Research Forum (Egawa)
トピックス2016.12.06Tsunami Disaster Prevention Education at the Banda Aceh Tsunami Museum (Iuchi, Shibayama, Sakurai, Maly, Boret, Sugiyasu and Jibiki)
トピックス2016.12.06Memorandum of Understanding with the Aceh Tsunami Museum (Imamura, Shibayama, and Boret)
トピックス2016.12.05Conclusive report forum of TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Program (Egawa)
トピックス2016.11.29Memorandum of Understanding with Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine and IRIDeS (Egawa)
トピックス2016.11.28Special Edition of the PPI Sendai Bimonthly Meeting (Leelawat)
トピックス2016.11.21Thailand’s NECTEC Executives visited IRIDeS (Imamura and Leelawat)
トピックス2016.11.1513th Asia Pacific Conference of Disaster Medicine (Egawa)
トピックス2016.11.15Falling Walls Conference 2016 - the International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society (Leelawat)
トピックス2016.11.02UNITAR Hiroshima Women’s Leadership in Tsunami-based DRR Training Program for World Tsunami Awareness Day (Ono and Suppasri)