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トピックス2019.09.03TDMRC and Syiah Kuala University visit under the World Class Professor (WCP) program (Suppasri)
トピックス2019.09.03Visit by faculty and graduate students from the University of Washington School of Nursing (Sugiura, Maly, Fulco, and Okuyama)
トピックス2019.08.09Participated in Symposium on Yolanda Recovery held in Tacloban City, Philippines (Iuchi and Maly)
トピックス2019.07.11Harvard-Kahoku Shimpo Visit (Imamura and Boret)
トピックス2019.05.21"Call for Applications" has been updated.
トピックス2019.04.26Visitors from Thailand for collaboration possibility on the Eastern Economic Corridor (Suppasri)
トピックス2019.04.23Faculty from the University of Washington (Seattle, U.S.) School of Nursing visited IRIDeS (Imamura, Egawa, Maly, and Okuyama)
トピックス2019.04.15"Call for Applications" is updated.
トピックス2019.04.09“30 Innovations for Disaster Risk Reduction” was published in collaboration with IRIDeS, Keio University, University of Tokyo, UNU-IAS, CWS Japan, and the APRU Multi-Hazards Program (IRIDeS, APRU)
トピックス2019.03.27IRIDeS members join “Project Definition Workshop on M9 Disaster Science” TU-UW collaborative research meeting in Seattle (Koshimura, Terada, Suppasri, Mas, Moriguchi, Fukushima, Maly, and Yamaguchi)
トピックス2019.03.01IRIDeS members visit Chiang Rai, Thailand (Suppasri, Mas and Maly)
トピックス2019.03.01New York University Visit to IRIDeS and Study Tour (Maly)
トピックス2019.01.28Special Lecture in Angeles University (Egawa)
トピックス2019.01.24”Call for Applications" is updated.
トピックス2019.01.09The 3rd Regional Collaboration Drill in ARCH Project (Egawa)
トピックス2018.12.27Symposium with Philippine Public Safety College (Egawa and Izumi)
トピックス2018.12.12Research exchange meeting, site visit at University of Washington Seattle (Iuchi and Maly)
トピックス2018.12.12International Summer Studio, Fieldwork, and International Student Workshop (Koshimura, Onoda, Mas, Ubaura, Hirano, and Maly)
トピックス2018.12.06International Symposium on Risk, Resilience and Disaster Management – Launching the World Bosai Forum/IDRC Sendai 2019 with Dr. Walter Ammann (GRF) in Davos, Switzerland (Imamura, Ono, and Boret)
トピックス2018.12.04Second World Tsunami Museum Conference in collaboration with ICOM-ASPAC Japan Conference 2018 (Imammura, Ono, Suppasri, Maly, Boret, and Chubachi)