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4.16.2016  Ecuador (M7.8) Earthquake

Updated on 2016/05/02 13:00 (JST)

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the coastal region of Ecuador (South America) on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 23:58 UTC. This quake was generated by reverse faulting of the Nazca and South American plates. Severe shaking was experienced near the coast, where the state of Manabi experienced heavy damage to buildings. As of April 19, the death toll is 413, in addition to over 2,500 injured, but these numbers are expected to grow as more victims are found.
The shallow fault rupture responsible for this quake occurred slightly inland of the coast. Though this quake does not pose any tsunami danger to Japan, tsunamis were reported along the coasts of Manta and Esmeraldas in Ecuador. As of now, no tsunami-induced damage has been reported.


IRIDeS response:

Near-field and far-field tsunami simulations were carried out, indicating up to 1.5 m runup possible along Ecuador’s coastline, and no tsunami along Japan’s coastline. These simulations results follow:




Humanitarian aid

Damage data as of May 1st 13:30 ECT