APRU-IRIDeS Multi-Hazards Summer School

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APRU Multi-Hazards Summer School
for Graduates, Post-Graduates and Researchers:
Towards Implementation of New International Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Tohoku University, Sendai/Japan, 21-24 July 2015


To mark the second anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, APRU and Tohoku University launched the APRU-IRIDeS Multi-hazards Program in April 2013. The Program builds upon the strengths of eight APRU Multi-hazards symposia over the past decade in countries spanning the Pacific Ring of Fire. The International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) of Tohoku University now provides secretariat services as the regional program hub harnessing the collective capabilities of APRU universities for cutting-edge research on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and recovery, shares strategies to cope with campus disaster risk management, and contributes to international policy making processes on DRR. 

The third Multi-hazards Summer School (21-24 July 2015) is hosted and organized by IRIDeS, Tohoku University.

The major objectives of the 2015 Multi-hazards Summer School are to:

  • Understand the mechanism of the international DRR strategy through the Sendai Framework for DRR which is a new international framework adopted at the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (UNWCDRR)
  • Learn from the experiences and recovery process of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


The Multi-hazards Summer School consists of a 3-day seminar and a site visit to the affected area impacted by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Summer School topics will include:

  • New international DRR strategy ~ Discussions and achievements of UNWCDRR ~
  • Lessons-learnt from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
  • Good practices of DRR initiatives from overseas
  • DRR efforts by local governments and the private sector in Japan
  • Disaster medical assistance and public health preparedness
  • Disaster digital archiving system

    * Above topics are subject to change. 

    Program:   English  /   日本語

Travel Costs

The usual practice for APRU events is for participants to fund their own travel and accommodation.

No registration fee is required for this summer school.

Additional information

More information on the Summer School 2015 is available at http://apru.org/partnering-on-solutions/multi-hazards-program/item/696-call-for-nominations-multi-hazards-summer-school-2015.

If you have any queries regarding the summer school, please contact Dr Takako Izumi (APRU-IRIDeS Multi-hazards Program Coordinator) in IRIDeS, Tohoku University at izumi@irides.tohoku.ac.jp