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World Tsunami Awareness Day -世界津波の日- : 5th of November

The United Nations General Assembly designated November 5th as "World Tsunami Awareness Day."  To commemorate the event, IRIDeS has been conducted and is planning many Disaster Risk Reduction events and activities.

IRIDeS Response / 東北大学災害科学国際研究所による解析・調査


IRIDeS Events and Activities / 東北大学災害科学国際研究所による活動・イベント

Tsunami Disaster Prevention Education in Aceh Tsunami Museum / アチェ津波博物館での津波防災教育
  Date: 24 November, 2016
  Place: Museum Tsunami Aceh, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  Activity Report (English) / Activity Report (Japanese)
Memorandum of Undrestanding with Aceh Tsunami Museum / アチェ津波博物館と協定締結
  Date: 22 November, 2016
  Place: Banda Aceh, Indonesia 
  Activity Report (English) / Activity Report (Japanese)
Memorandum of Undrestanding with Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Ceenter, Syiah Kuala University / シャクアラ大学TDMRCと協定締結
  Date: 22 November, 2016
  Place: Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  Activity Report (Japanese)
The 10th Aceh International Workshop and Expo on Sustainable Tsunami Disaster Recovery / 第10回AIWEST-DR2016を開催
  Date: 22-24 November, 2016
  Place: Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  Activity Report (English) / Activity Report (Japanese) 
Disaster reduction class in Banda Aceh, Indonesia / バンダ・アチェで減災ポケット「結」プロジェクト出前授業を実施
  Date: 21 November, 2016
  Place: Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  Activity Report (Japanese)
Workshop of International Disaster Prevention Seminar on "Millennium Hope Hills", Iwanuma / 岩沼市「千年希望の丘」国際交流防災セミナーワークショップ
  Date: 5 November, 2016
  Place: Iwanuma city, Japan
  Activity Report (In Japanese)
Tsunami and risk evaluation for Kuwaiti and Arabian Coast
  Date: 3 November, 2016
  Place: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
  Activity Report
Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Special technical session for the World Tsunami Awareness Day
  Date: 2-5 November, 2016
  Place: New Delhi, India
UNITAR Hiroshima Women's Leadership in Tsunami-based DRR Training Program for World Tsunami Awareness Day
  Date: 31 October, 2016
  Place: Sendai, Japan
  Activity Report
Workshop on Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction
  Date:22 September 2016
  Place:Krabi, Thailand
  Activity Report
Communicating Disaster Science/「世界津波の日」プレイベント 
  Date: 15-17 September, 2016
  Place: Hawaii, USA
  Report (IRIDeS NEWs) (In Japanese)
Tsunami evacuation experiment at Matsushima
  Date: 2 August 2016
  Place: Matsushima, Japan
  Activity Report 
UK-Japan Disaster Research Workshop: Cascading Risk and Uncertainty Assessment of Earthquake Shaking and Tsunami 
  Date: 1 August 2016
  Place: British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
Disaster prevention seminar in Kesennuma / 防災文化講演会 
  Date: 16 July 2016
  Place: Kesennuma, Japan
  Activity Report (In Japanese)

Reports and Articles / 報告書・出版物など

◆ A Global Assessment of Tsunami Hazards Over the Last 400 Years

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