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Human and Social Response Research Division
Japanese Disaster Culture
Shuichi Kawashima (Senior Researcher)
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"Disaster Culture" can be understood as how to connect humans and nature.

Focusing on occupations that deal with nature throughout the Japanese archipelago,
I collect and study disaster folklore, to contribute to disaster prevention.
I consider the first step in disaster prevention is knowing residents of each region's history and culture. I contrive ways to prevent disasters incorporating daily life, suitable for each region, through fieldwork with local residents.
I theorize disaster mitigation based on people's view of disaster and life, of life and death in Japanese archipelago.
I explore ways of real disaster prevention from dwellers' viewpoint, not only to protect lives and national land at a time of disaster, but also to save accumulated culture of life from the past for the future.
Rescued statue of Jebisu
Ceremony to avoid tsunamis, Naapai (Miyako Island)