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Human and Social Response Research Division
Social Systems for Disaster Mitigation
Shosuke Sato (Associate Prof.)


Research summary


Focusing on practical disaster resilience and implementation science of societal disaster reduction such as information / intelligence, archives, recovery / reconstruction and culture on the post / pre – disaster fields and being strongly concerned with effective emergency response by the experiences of the 7.13 Niigata flood disaster and Chuetsu earthquake disaster in 2004. Serving as a member of disaster reduction committee for some local governments in Miyagi prefecture. Ph.D. of Informatics. Further details can be found here. Ongoing research topics are as follows:

  1. Disaster information / intelligence: development of disaster digital archive system “Michinoku-Shinrokuden (the Great Japan disaster archive)” and big data, for example, text data, analysis system for disaster response support
  2. Post – disaster recovery: survey on disaster reconstruction plans and projects and personal life recovery
  3. Disaster culture: study on disaster reduction effects by media of wisdom of disaster culture tradition (disaster memorial monuments, place names, local songs and etc.)
  4. Empowerment of disaster response: development of disaster response empowerment tools and social systems including “Minna-no-Bosai-Techo”