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Disaster Information Management and Public Collaboration Division
International Research Promotion Office
Elizabeth Maly (Associate Prof.)


Research summary


With the theme of “People-Centered Housing Recovery,” my research focuses on international disaster recovery, post-disaster housing reconstruction and community-based recovery planning. Past research has included housing recovery after Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. and the Central Java Earthquake in Indonesia. Current research includes post-disaster housing relocation and land use policies after Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. and eruption of Mt. Merapi volcano in Indonesia. I am considering these international examples along with long-term housing and community recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Image 1.   Field Survey in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Area


Chart 1  Concept of People Centered Housing Recovery

Image 2. Expandable Core House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia  

Image 3 Temporary to Permanent Mississippi Cottages, USA.