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Disaster Medical Science
International Cooperation for Disaster Medicine
Shinichi EGAWA (Professor)


Research summary


•Beside being a pancreatic surgeon, I established an NPO Gonryo Kyougikai as a network of more than 130 hospitals related to Tohoku University Hospital. This NPO aims at the improvement of community health through assisting the education of medical residents and mentors. By this human network, I could perform an efficient coordination in the HQ of Tohoku University Hospital.
•Disaster risk reduction and Health risk reduction share many similarities. Preparedness is critically important. My research interest comes from this point.
•We should have a wide viewpoint and knowledge from micro level to cosmic level, because the hazards that ends up with health damage includes natural hazards (earthquake, tsunami, typhoon etc.), chemical hazards (toxic substances), bio-hazards (flu, B. anthracis, etc.), nuclear hazards (nuclear power plant accident, nuclear bombs) and man-made hazards (war, confilict, mass gathering etc) are becoming more complicated and the vulnerabilities of the community is rapidly changing by the climate change, poverty and unsustainable urbanization, loss of biodiversities and extreme lack of resources including food and fuels in a global fashion.
•Through hosting the International Symposium in Washington DC, I have learned the importance of prioritization of “Health” as the central goal and sensitive parameters of disaster risk reduction and risk management. I want to promote the research though which the health resilience of person, community, country, regional and global levels.
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