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Regional and Urban Reconstruction Research Division
Computational Safety Engineering
Shuji Moriguchi (Associate Professor)
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Research summary


Slope disasters are triggered by heavy rain and earthquakes, and a lot of serious damages have been caused by the disasters every year. To prevent and decrease the damages, I am developing numerical simulations and its usage environment. Various kinds of disasters, such as slope failure, soil avalanche, rockfall and snow avalanche, are categorized in slope disasters. It is difficult to simulate all disasters using only one uniform method. Therefore, in my research, different methods have used for each disaster, and a new framework of numerical simulation have been developed by combining two different numerical methods. It is also important to consider uncertainties contained in slope disasters. For this purpose, I am developing a new framework for probabilistic risk analysis of slope disasters.

              Fig.1 A sediment flow simulation based on a discrete modeling
              Fig.2  A snow avalanche simulation based on a continuum modeling