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Regional and Urban Reconstruction Research Division
Computational Safety Engineering
Kenjiro Terada (Professor)
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Research summary


By developing new techniques of computer simulations for multi-chemo-physics problems and applying them to reproduction, prediction and visualization schemes to estimate physical and human damages caused by a variety of disasters, I am tackling applied researches for enhancing durability, resilience, and disaster prevention/preparedness of regional and urban areas. Within the framework of computational engineering and science, I am also developing multiscale/multiphysics analysis methods for evaluating the deteriorating process and clarifying the strength mechanisms of infrastructures and structural materials such as concrete and steel as well as ground materials, and try to apply those to create innovative techniques for safety assessment of regional and urban areas. Moreover, aiming at constructing an integrated disaster information system that enables us to optimize information transmission and decision making processes in the event of a natural disaster, and that helps manifestation of genuine resilience after the event, I am developing Mieruka (visualization) techniques for effectively visualizing the relationships of computer simulation results with a variety of accumulated disaster-related data by utilizing virtual multi-dimensional space in computers.