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Hazard and Risk Evaluation Research Division
Technology for Optimum Mitigation
Kohju IKAGO (Professor)

Research summary

World leading technologies in earthquake engineering in Japan have a history of more than 100 years. Yet many problems, however, remain unaddressed. One of such problems is vulnerability of long-period structures such as high-rise and/or seismic isolated buildings against long-period/long-duration ground motions.

To address such an issue, we conduct research works as listed below:

  1. Development of an innovative seismic control technology for civil structures using an inerter-based energy dissipating device having an apparent mass amplifying mechanism.
  2. Research on real-time hybrid simulation technique to validate and sophisticate the method for efficient experiments of newly developed control devices.
  3. Estimation and improvement of safety margin of high-rise buildings subjected to extreme ground motions taking P-Delta effect into account in seismic response analyses.
  4. Research on an inverse variational principle in mechanics to develop a governing principle for the design of structures.