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Disaster Science Division
Marine Geodesy Research
Yo FUKUSHIMA (Associate Professor)


Research Summary
1) Assessment of the potential for great subduction earthquakes
I work on numerical modeling of the deformation and earthquake generation cycle of great subduction earthquakes using geodetic (both land and seafloor) and other kinds of data. Through such modeling, I will work on developing an effective hazard assessment method for great subduction earthquakes.
2) Studies on inland earthquakes, volcanic activities and other surficial geohazards using InSAR
I use InSAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar interferometry) to measure small (mm-order accuracy) ground displacements associated with various types of geohazard in great detail. Using such data, I work on understanding the strain accumulation process around active faults, the nature of fault rupture associated with inland earthquakes, characteristics of deformation related to volcanic eruptions or volcanic unrest, landslides, and land subsidence.