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Disaster Science Division
Natural Disaster Research
Shinji Toda (Professor)


Research summary


  1. 1) Seismic hazard estimate associated with active faults
I have been evaluating magnitudes and probabilities of large earthquakes associated with inland active faults analyzing from the data of the recent surface-rupturing earthquakes and excavation surveys across active faults.
  2. 2) Fault interaction and earthquake triggering
Aftershocks occur not only along a main shock fault but also off the fault. For example, several large inland earthquakes occurred during a few days after the 2011 great Tohoku earthquake even in Nagano and Shizuoka Prefectures. I have been studying earthquake triggering due to static stress change after a large earthquake and then develop a method to forecast widespread aftershocks and properly estimate time-dependent seismic hazard.

(Photo) Trench excavation survey across a surface rupture along the Itozawa fault occurred at the April 11 2011 Fukushima-ken-Hamadori earthquake (magnitude 7.0).