Social Systems for Disaster Management

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Professor: Hiroaki MARUYA
Akio SHIMADA (Concurrent), Satoru MASUDA (Concurrent), 
Hiroshi YOSHIDA (Concurrent)
Associate Professor: Shosuke SATO

We investigate the desirable shape of social system for disaster management, mitigation and recovery and reconstruction.


Through the socio-economic analysis of the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters and various survey on enterprises, NPOs and central/local governments, we evaluate the significance and effectiveness measures such as improvement of regional disaster management plans; diffusion and improvement of business continuity plans; sophistication of risk management system; building industry-government-academia collaboration; and capacity building of local (civil) community for disaster management. In addition, we promote these measures and try to design and build new social system of for disaster management.


In cooperation with the Graduate School of Economics and Management, we push forward the Regional Industry Restoration Research Project, whose main members are researchers from universities located in Miyagi prefecture and Tohoku region, Japan. This project aims to reconstruct industries in Tohoku region and increase regional economic resilience. We study, propose and disseminate a vision of regional industries and local economy including a new concept of industrial location of all Tohoku and a field like agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing. In addition, we try to have a view of new social system through grasping real situations of resident life and structure of consciousness including community welfare, health and medicine.


Aiming at performing a policy proposal for future earthquake disaster revival plan, we analyze disaster cycle and situation of reconstruction by using the study technique of behavioral science, and analyze a revival strategy based on information spread and subjective level of well-being.




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