Disaster Information Management and Public Collaboration Division

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The division aims to support for reconstruction/revival and the cooperation to prevention and reduce disaster in Japan and over sea, and to collect all available data for situation and restoration /revival information focusing on the 2011 Tohoku great earthquake and tsunami. One of typical topics at the division is the design of new disaster resilience society and collecting lessons learned. First, digital archive of Michinoku Shinrokuden which fills and goes away is started to record data for the 2011 great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Based on these, the support for planning of the reconstruction and the recovery program in a damaged area is developed, and the contents considering history and culture, environment, and industry especially are practiced, supporting agreement formation with citizens. Moreover, since it contributes to enforcement of future disaster prevention and disaster reduction strategy, a related meeting for coordination are planned and it becomes the international organization as a core of cooperation.