Disaster Reconstruction design & Management

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Professor: Takeshi SATO, Yasuaki ONODA (Concurrent)
Associate Professor: Katsuya HIRANO, Masashge MOTOE (Concurrent)
Assistant Professor: Yuki SAKAIKE

We research and practice disaster mitigation and prevention to build up community which is integral to the society, aiming at making the community sustainably resistant to disasters, beautiful and comfortable. Research and development we perform include various topics, specifically united models of school safety and community safety, analytical methodology for landscape and urban development design for restoration.

Our division is characterized by performing interdisciplinary research and social cooperation base practice. We can list up examples such as formulation and management of restoration planning in stricken municipal, including comprehensive collaboration agreement with City of Ishinomaki, local community planning, design of disaster prevention facilities and restructuring of disaster prevention training in school education.