Radiation Disaster Medicine

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Professor: Koichi CHIDA
Lecturer: Masatoshi SUZUKI
Assistant Professor: Yohei INABA

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident generated strong public interest in radiation and radioactive material. Nevertheless, many members of the public have misconceptions regarding the effects of radiation in humans.

Our laboratory evaluates radiation doses and radiation effects in humans, analyzes the management of radiation exposure from nuclear hazards and medical procedures, and develops diagnostic imaging systems for use in disasters. Our research includes studies addressing radiation issues related to both disasters and medicine. Specifically, our main areas of research and education are:

  • -Radiation safety and risk management;
  • -Evaluation/measurement of radiation doses and radiation effects in humans;
  • -Development of diagnostic imaging systems for use in disasters;
  • -Optimization of radiation protection;
  • -Methods for reducing radiation; and
  • -Public education regarding radiation and radioactivity.

Our laboratory believes that it is also important to educate students in related fields.