Disaster Psychiatry

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Professor: Hiroaki TOMITA
Associate Professor: Yasuto KUNII
Assistant Professor: Zhiqian YU, Hitomi USUKURA

Our laboratory conducts health surveys and supporting activities of people affected by Great East Japan Earthquake, and investigate impact of the disaster on mental health condition of the affected people, as well as on mental health care systems in the affected communities to extract information useful for supporting recovery of affected people and preparing for future disasters. Our research also focus on the investigation of the pathogeneses of mental disorders, such as mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, which needs more cautions in medical settings in communities affected by disasters, by integrating basic and clinical medical researches. Our goal is to develop useful tools for prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.  Furthermore, based on what we learnt from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we cooperate with domestic and international organizations to direct our study towards reforming of mental health care system in more efficient ways, to develop education system for disaster mental health, and to establish international collaboration on disaster psychiatry.