Disaster Related Oral Health

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Professor: Ken OSAKA(Concurrent)
Associate Professor: Toshihiko SUZUKI(Concurrent)
Study on social capital and health in Iwanuma-city.
We have conducted a cohort survey on living and health condition in Iwanuma, Miyagi prefecture. We have analysed and followed their social capital and community reconstruction before and after the disaster in collaboration with Harvard University and Chiba University.
Interviewing with a resident of temporary housing
Evaluating radioactive agents, 90Sr and 137Cs, in teeth
We have conducted to evaluate radioactive agents, 90Sr and 137Cs, in teeth collected from children living in Fukushima. We developed new estimating methods of accumulated radioactive agents in teeth in collaboration with Fukushima Dental Association, the faculty of Science and the school of dentistry of Tohoku University.
Checking and registering the samples collected through dental clinics in Fukushima prefecture.