Risk Evaluation and Disaster Mitigation Research Division
Inland Earthquake and Volcano Lab

Graduate School of Science
Research Subject(s)
I contribute to volcano disaster prevention through volcano monitoring and studies on eruption process using geodetic observation.
Key Words
Solid Earth Science / Volcanology / Geodesy
Research Activities

Mt. Zao is an active volcano located in northeastern Honshu and has histories of phreatic or phreato-magmatic eruptions in the last 2 ka. Unrest of Zao volcano started in January, 2013 with a volcanic tremor followed by activated seismicity mainly in the lower crust and very long-period seisimic events (VLP) up to today. GNSS data obtained around the volcano for the period from January to July in 2015 demonstrate radial horizontal displacements and uplifting (shown in the figure), suggesting the pressurized magma source estimated in the summit caldera at a depth of around 4 km below sea level.

Selected Works

Fukushima, Y., S. Toda, S. Miura, D. Ishimura, J. Fukuda, T. Demachi and K. Tachibana (2018) Extremely early recurrence of intraplate fault rupture following the Tohoku-Oki earthquake, Nature Geoscience, doi:10.1038/s41561.

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Selected Memberships
  • The Seismological Society of Japan
  • Tokyo Geographical Society
  • Japan Geoscience Union
  • American Geophysical Union