Risk Evaluation and Disaster Mitigation Research Division
Disaster Geo-informatics Lab
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Center for Northeast Asian Studies
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Radar remote sensing for disastre mitigation
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Our research interest is to design and develop the electromagnetic techniques, which can be applied to monitor the environmental changes and to develop the resources and engineering techniques.

For example, even though there are a lot of resources in Siberia, Mongolia and north part of China where are covered with the permafrost, the climate and nature of those areas make them difficult to be found. The pipelines of the natural gas and the melt of permafrost may cause the diffusion of the methane gas and it would make the additional environmental problems.

We have developed the borehole radar techniques and the ground penetrating radar (GPR) techniques to solve these problems, and we additionally have begun to study the new techniques with low frequency electromagnetic field to monitor the subsurface environment.

The remote sensing techniques are necessary to monitor the environment of northeast Asian areas. We propose the new technique to be applied to the environmental survey, which are based on both the remote sensing techniques and the ground penetrating radar techniques.