Endowed Research Division
Earthquake Induced Tsunami Risk Evaluation Lab (Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance)
Professor (Specially Appointed)
Bachelor (Social Science)

Research Subject(s)
Tohoku Univ. is secretariat of the project of ISO TC268/SC1/WG6, and I participate in this project as one of the key staff members. Also I am working as an expert in SWG for standardization of risk finance to be incorporated under TC268/SC1/WG6.
Key Words
ISO / Risk Finance
Research Activities

Disastere risk reduction is one of the key issue in the world. UN adopted Sendai Framework to takle with this issue in 2015, but there has been no globally penetrated guidance or best practice on "how to do" it. We are establising ISO TC268/SC1/WG6 in line with Sendai Framework to contribute to reducing risk caused by natural disasters.
This project will also contribute to the various industries by stimulating the market of new products and services.  


Working in insurance industries for 25 years and have wide experiances in risk management including but not limited to insurance placements for upstream energy business and marine industries, planing insurance programs for SMEs, and establishing a new insurance company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.