Risk Evaluation and Disaster Mitigation Research Division
Oceanic, Atmospheric and Outer Space Disaster Lab
Dr. Sci

Graduate School of Science
Vice Dean
Research Subject(s)
Space is not empty. Space is dangerous. In order to reduce space environment risks on the activities in space, we are promoting scientific and engineering studies. I am especially investigating space radiation behavior by means of space based and ground-based observations.
Key Words
Space Environment / Space Disaster / Space Weather / Space Radiation
Selected Works

Obara ,T., T. Mukai, H.Hayakawa, K.Tsuruda, A. Nishida, S. Machida and H. Fukunishi, Akebono (EXOS-D) Observations of Small-scale Electromagnetic Signatures Relating to Polar Cap Precipitation.[J. Geophys.Res.,98,(1993),11153-] 

Obara, T., T. Nagatsuma, M. Den, Y. Miyoshi and A. Morioka, Main-phase Creation of “Seed” Electrons in the Outer Radiation Belt.[Earth Planets Space,52,(2000),41-] 

Obara,T., H. Matsumoto, K.Koga, Space Environment Measurements by JAXA satellites and ISS.[Acta Astronautica,71,(2012),1-10] 

Obara Takahiro and Haruhisa Matsumoto, Large enhancement of highly energetic electrons in the outer radiation belt and its transport into the inner radiation belt inferred from MDS-1 satellite observations.[Sun and Geosphere, ISSN 2367-8852,11(1),(2016),61-64] 

Selected Memberships
Selected Awards
  • Tanakadate Award, 2004