Radiational Decontamination Science

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Professor: Makoto TAKAHASHI (Concurrent)

We takle the broad radioactive material contamination which is the nuclear hazard which happened after the great east Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011.

In Tohoku University, the radioactive material contained in water and food, and space radiation dose has been inspected from immediately after the accident.

In addition to radioactive material contamination monitoring, we work on the elucidation and solution of the problem of contamination by a radioactive material. why radioactive cesium is not in tap water? Is the contaminated field applicable to cultivation? How decontamination of the contaminated soil can be carried out?

We have well dealt with radiation, therfore, the measurement of radiation or the technology of decontamination is on the extension of our research.

Now, we aim at the restoration from the radioactive material disaster. I think that the result of research is applicable to decontamination of contaminated zones, such as Chernobyl and atomic test places in the world.

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