Tsunami Engineering

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Professor: Fumihiko IMAMURA
Associate Professor: Anawat SUPPASRI 
Specially Appointed Associate Prof. (Visiting): Yusuke OISHI
Assistant Professor: Shuji SETO

Tsunami Engineering Laboratory (TEL) Tsunamis, Japanese word, are ocean waves generated by large disturbances of the sea surface due to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, slumps, or meteor birth, causing loss of life, catastrophic destruction of structures and infrastructure, and severely eroded shorelines.

Mitigating tsunami disaster is one of major issues in the world after the 2004 Indian ocean and the 2011 Tohoku earthquake tsunamis.

The TEL aims to develop integrated technologies for reducing tsunami disaster by structure and non-structure measures, including: 1) developing early warning systems to alert coastal residents, 2) implementing and maintaining an awareness/educational program on the indicators of tsunami dangers through databases, computer graphics and the results of field investigations and historical studies, and 3) producing tsunami hazard maps to identify areas susceptible to flooding/inundation.