IRIDeS open faculty position (Professor / Associate Professor, Co-creation Center for Disaster Resilience)

2023.07.31 13:15
IRIDeS is currently seeking a faculty position as follows:
Quantifying Disaster Resilience Division,
Co-creation Center for Disaster Resilience
Position: Professor / Associate Professor
Research and Education:
  In April 2022, the International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University, founded the "Co-creation Center for Disaster Resilience," which aims to co-create disaster resilience in society (https://irides.tohoku.ac.jp/eng/organization/resilience-center/resilience-center.html).
  We seek a renowned scientist to conduct research on the impacts of disasters caused by natural hazards and extreme events as well as social resilience to disasters.
The successful candidate should help develop effective methodologies to enhance "disaster resilience" and clarify what measures, elements, and responses would enhance disaster resilience to society with our experts.
  The successful candidate is also expected to join the center's flagship project to develop ‘Disaster Digital Twin,’ which is a fusion of disaster-related data, data interpretation, and data inference. The disaster digital twin can feed predictions back into the real world. The results obtained from virtual simulations (twin) could lead to identifying future disaster risks in the real world, identifying optimal solutions for enhancing disaster resilience, and providing insights fed into the physical world’s policy and decision-making.
Qualification Requirements: 
  Successful candidates should hold a Ph.D. in Earth Science, Engineering, Information System, Computer Science, or a related field by the appointment date. Candidates are expected to have achieved outstanding research outputs in the research fields mentioned above. In addition, experience in obtaining external funding as a principal investigator and research results in related areas is desirable.
Application: Applicants should fill the necessary items in the application forms, which are downloadable from the links below:
1. Curriculum vitae (Form 1) and research activities (Form 2)
2. Statement about past research activities and experiences (Form 3, less than two pages)
3. Statement about your research plans and contribution to Co-creation Center for Disaster Resilience (Form 4, less than two pages)
4. Reprints of academic papers and books: selected five copies (maximum) consistent with the publication list (Form 2). If the applicant has book chapter(s), add a copy of the publication information pages and table of contents indicating the applicant’s contribution.
- Application forms (designated in items 1 to 3 above) must be written in English.
- Publication list (Form 2) must be categorized as “Peer-reviewed papers in academic journals,” “Reviewed conference papers and
proceedings,” “Reviewed summary of conference papers and proceedings,” “Other papers,” “Books,” “Industry property rights,” “Invited presentations,” and so on.
- Three copies of printed application forms (designated in Items 1 to 3 above) and one set of the printed five selected papers or books (Item 4 above) should be submitted. Also, a CD, a USB drive, or an equivalent media containing the digital files of application forms (designated in Items 1 to 3 above) and the PDF of five representative papers (Item 4 above) should be attached with the submitted documents.
- The submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.
Term of Employment: 
  Starting 1 November 2023, or later, as early as possible, until 31 March 2027
Salary: Payment will be made by Tohoku University’s rules and regulations.
Deadline: 18 August 2023
Submission of Application Forms:  
  The printed documents the digital files should be sent by registered mail to:
Office of International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University
Aramaki Aoba 468-1, Sendai, 980-8572 Japan
(Please indicate "Application Materials for Co-creation Center" on the envelope.)
  1st screening: Review of the application documents.
  2nd screening (for qualifiers only): Interviews and presentations if needed.
Inquiry: Should you have any questions, please send an e-mail to both
Prof. Shunichi Koshimura (koshimura<at>irides.tohoku.ac.jp, Please replace <at> with @ and send.),
 Deputy Director of the Co-creation Center for Disaster Resilience and
Prof. Yuichi Ono (yono<at>irides.tohoku.ac.jp, Please replace <at> with @ and send.),
 Division Chief in Disaster Resilience Co-creation Division
at the Internal Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University.
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