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4.25.2015 Nepal (M7.8) Earthquake

Updated on 2016/04/11 9:00 (JST)

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck by a Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake, causing severe damages and the loss of more than 8,700 lives.
Relevant scientific information will be made available on this webpage.
The Japanese version of this page is here.


Nepal Reseach Report

Reseach Report(IRIDeS Fact-finding and Relationship-building Mission to Nepal) (2016/4/11)

Recent and upcoming events:

  • On May 8, IRIDeS held a symposium, where experts from related fields gave presentations about key issues including the mechanism of this earthquake, damage situation, potential of landslides, building damages, health and safety issues, and relief goods distribution.   
  • English presentations from this symposium are available below:
  • From May 22, the Director of IRIDeS, Professor Imamura, in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will visit Nepal in order to assess the current situation and the urgent initiatives that maybe carried out in the very near future.
Other information sources for reference are listed below.

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