Joint Seminar on the 2023 Earthquake in the Southern Türkiye and Syria -Mechanism, damage and strategy for recovery, reconstruction, BBB, and Resilient society (online, Advance registration required)

2023.02.20 00:00
Date and Time: Monday, February 27, 2023 7-9pm

Event Details

Organized by IRIDeS, Tohoku University, Japan and IRDR, University College London, UK
Supported by Middle East Technical University and Istanbul Technical University, Türkiye
Date: Feb 27(Mon)2023  online English only
Time: 10 - 12 am (UK), 1 - 3 pm (Turkey), 7 - 9 pm (Japan)
Free of charge
1. Opening remarks
    Prof. Fumihiko Imamura, IRIDeS, Director
2. Welcome message
    Minister Takaaki Iwasa, Embassy of Japan in Turkey
3. Mechanism and background of the earthquakes
    Prof. Shinji Toda, IRIDeS (Inland Earthquake and Volcano Lab)
4. Characteristics of the earthquake ground motion and damage to buildings
    Assoc. Prof. Susumu Ohno, Ryuta Enokida, and Prof. Kohju Ikago, IRIDeS (Earthquake Engineering Lab)
    Dr. Yasemin Aktas, UCL (Recorded video)
    Prof. Aysegul Askan, METU
5. Preliminary building damage assessment using remote sensing data
    Prof. Shunichi Koshimura, IRIDeS (Disaster Geo-informatics Lab)
6. Lifesaving and health issues in the disaster areas
    Prof. Shinichi Egawa and Assoc. Prof. Hiroyuki Sasaki, IRIDeS (International Cooperation for Disaster Medicine Lab)
    Assist. Prof. Stephen Roberts, UCL-IRDR
7. Gender and other issues related to social vulnerabilities
    Dr. Miwako Kitamura, IRIDeS (International Research Collaboration Office)
    Ms. Deniz Demirag, University of London, SOAS
8. On the disaster mitigation system in Turkey and possibilities of future support
    Visiting Prof. Kimio Takeya, IRIDeS/Special Advisor for Disaster Management, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    Prof. David E. Alexander, UCL-IRDR
    Prof. Ahmet C. Yalciner, METU
9. Closing remarks
    Prof. Shinichi Kuriyama, IRIDeS (Head of Disaster Medical Science Division/Disaster Public Health Lab)
    Prof. Haruo Hayashi, Chair of JHoP (Recorded video)
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Anawat Suppasri, IRIDeS (Tsunami Engineering Lab)