The 2nd Joint Seminar on the 2023 Earthquake in the Southern Türkiye and Syria (Online, Advance registration required)

2023.07.14 12:00
Date and Time: Thursday, August 3, 2023

Event Details

The 2nd Joint Seminar on the 2023 Earthquake in the Southern Türkiye and Syria
- Current Status and Issues After 6 Months, strategy for recovery, reconstruction, BBB, and Resilient society
Organized by Tohoku University, University College London, Middle East Technical University, and Istanbul Technical University
Date: Thursday, August 3, 2023, online, English only
Time: 17-20 (Japan), 11-14 (Türkiye), 9-12 (UK)
Registration: Google form <>
Free of charge
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Anawat Suppasri and Erick Mas, IRIDeS Tohoku U 
1. Opening remarks:
  Prof. Fumihiko Imamura, IRIDeS Tohoku University

2. Mechanism of the earthquakes and seismic activity over the past six months
  Prof. Joanna Faure Walker, UCL IRDR; Tectonics of the region around East Anatolian Fault earthquakes
  Prof. Shinji Toda, IRIDeS Tohoku University; The 2020-2023 M 6.8-7.8 East Anatolian Fault earthquakes: Nucleation and inhibition promoted by static stress changes

3. Characteristics of the earthquake ground motion and damage to buildings
  Dr. Ufuk Yazgan, Istanbul Tech. U; Lessons Learnt from the Damages Observed in Residual Buildings Following the February 6th, 2023 Kahramanmaras Earthquake Sequence
  Dr. Fatih Sutcu, Istanbul Tech. U; Site Observations from Hospitals and Industrial Buildings during the 2023.02.06 Maras Earthquake and Endeavor for Obtaining BCP Performance Level
  Prof. Tiziana Rossetto, UCL EPICENTRE and Dr. Yasemin Didem Aktas, Faculty of Eng Science, UCL; TBD
  Prof. Kohju Ikago, Dr. Hiroyuki Sasaki, and Dr. Ryuta Enokida, IRIDeS Tohoku Univ; Reconnaissance project on seismically isolated hospitals in the earthquake impacted regions in Turkey
  Prof. Gretchen Kalonji and Prof. Kaoshan Dai, IDMR Sichuan University; Seismic performance comparison: a base-isolated building in 2022 Luding earthquake and a building with BRB in 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake

4. Gender and other issues related to social vulnerabilities
  Dr. Miwako Kitamura, IRIDeS Tohoku University, and Dr. Estella Carpi, UCL IRDR; Social vulnerabilities after conflict and disasters: Examples from Japan and Türkiye

5. Recovery and reconstruction and future issues
  Prof. Ahmet Yalciner, Dr. Gozde Guney Dogan, Dr. Meltem Senol Balaban, METU, Turkey; Experience on sustainability and recovery of the critical structures and post disaster issues
  Prof. David Alexander, UCL IRDR; Looking back at the seismic risk-scape six months later

6. Q&A

7. Closing:
  Prof. Joanna Faure Walker, UCL IRDR