Practical Research and Collaboration Division
Resilient EICT Research Promotion Office
Research Fellow (Specially Appointed)
Dr. Eng.

Research Subject(s)
Research and development of distributed MIMO (distributed antenna) cooperative signal transmission and distributed learning radio resource management, aiming to realize spectrum/energy efficient and resilient wireless communication systems
Key Words
Wireless communication system / wireless signal transmission / wireless signal processing / communication theory
Research Activities

In mobile communication systems, the use of ultra-high frequency band such as millimeter wave and terahertz wave, the advancement of MIMO communication technology, and the ultra-densification of radio access network (RAN) are becoming increasingly important. However, problems of frequent radio link blockage and serious interference are caused. Our resilient wireless communication research group is working on the development of multi-user distributed MIMO communication technology and adaptive control of interference and radio resources, aiming at realizing a reconfigurable multiuser distributed MIMO communication system that can solve the above problems, has excellent adaptability and scalability, and is disaster-resilient.

Selected Works

Adachi, F. and Boonkajay, A. (2019). Analysis of maximal-ratio transmit and combining spatial diversity. IEICE Communications Express, 8(5), 153, doi:10.1587/comex.2019XBL0015.

Adachi, F. and Takahashi, R. (2020). Analysis of 2-user ZF coordinated with user-wise MRTC diversity. IEICE Communications Express, 9(9), 433, doi:10.1587/comex.2020XBL0084.

Gui, G., Liu, M., Tang, F., Kato, N., and Adachi, F. (2020). 6G: Opening new horizons for integration of comfort, security and intelligence. IEEE Wireless Communications, 27(5), 126, doi:10.1109/MWC.001.1900516.

Adachi, F. and Takahashi, R. (2021). Zero-forcing based multi-user MIMO coordinated with user-wise joint transmit-receive diversity. IEICE Communications Express, 10(3), 179, doi:10.1587/comex.2020XBL0173.

Takahasi, R., Matsuo, H., and Adachi, F. (2021). Joint Multi-Layered User Clustering and Scheduling for Ultra-Dense RAN Using Distributed MIMO. IEICE Trans. Communications, E104-B(9), 1097, doi:10.1587/transcom.2020FGP0010.

Selected Memberships
  • IEEE
Selected Awards
  • C&C Prize (for outstanding leadership and contributions promoting the development and commercialization of digital mobile communications systems, Nov. 2014)
  • Sendai Municipal Commendation (for creation of new technologies and contributions to industry-academia-government cooperation, July 2017)
  • IEEE VTS Stuart Meyer Memorial Award(for significant research contributions and exceptional community service with respect to advanced wireless signal processing algorithms for mobile radio,Sept. 2017)