Disaster Humanities and Social Science Division
Disaster Culture and Archive Studies
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Japanese Studies)

Research Subject(s)
My main research interests include the dynamics of social relations after disasters, recovery processes, the handling of negative heritage as well as identity and community building.
Key Words
Social recovery / negative heritage / identity building / collective identity / disaster risk education
Selected Works

        Gerster, Julia: Coding: Mapping the Mountains of Ethnographic Post-Disaster Data. In: Reiher, Cornelia and Kottmann, Nora (eds): Studying Japan: Research Designs, Fieldwork and Methods, Baden-Baden: Nomos (2020, forthcoming)
        Gerster, Julia and Morokhova, Natalia. Picturing Translocal Matters in a Mobile World. Photography as a method of ethnographic research at a Japanese gathering in Berlin. Contemporary Japan (2020)
        Gerster, Julia. Beneath the invisible cloud: Kamishibai after 3.11 Between Disaster Risk Reduction and Memorialization. The Amfieteater Journal of Performing Arts Theory, Vol. 7. No 1. (2019)
        Gerster, Julia.  Hierarchies of affectedness: Kizuna, perceptions of loss, and social dynamics in post-3.11 Japan. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. Volume 41, (2019), 101304
        Gerster, Julia: The Online-Offline Nexus: Social Media and Ethnographic Fieldwork in Post-3.11 Northeast Japan. ASIEN, October 2018 (149): 14-32

Selected Memberships
  • European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)