Endowed Research Division
Earthquake Disaster Prevention for Urban Areas Lab (OYO Corporation)
Research Associate

Research Subject(s)
I am trying to assess future activity for inland earthquakes and estimate damage by studying earthquake linkages and their mechanisms baced on conducting geological surveys and geophysical exploration.
Key Words
Active Fault / Estimation of damage / Earthquake linkage
Research Activities

In order to present a practical disaster mitigation plan for large inland earthquakes directly under urban areas, we will conduct compiling a database and developing analytical techniques and contribute to social implementation of the results. In particular, we focus on the linkage of earthquakes and consider the relationship with geological structure and earthquake magnitude.
Furthermore, in order to estimate earthquake ground motions and damage caused by fault displacement in the Nagamachi-Rifu line fault zone as main research target, we aim to obtain geological and physical property information and create a high-precision ground model for use in hazard maps.

Selected Memberships
  • Japan Society of Engineering Geology
  • Japan Geoscience Union