Risk Evaluation and Disaster Mitigation Research Division
Inland Earthquake and Volcano Lab
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Representative Director
Research Subject(s)
In order to contribute to the clarification of the actual conditions of natural disasters, prediction and countermeasures, and early recovery, we are engaged in field surveys, various observations, and visualization of natural phenomena and damage processes, focusing on topographic image diagnosis using point clouds.
Key Words
Geological engineering / Natural disaster science / Terrain Image Diagnostics
Research Activities

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods themselves do not kill people. However, they do cause disasters because people live in them. People have the instinct to avoid hazards through the five sense organs: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. The most effective way to detect hazards and avoid disasters is to visualize them. Mountains are covered with trees, and rivers and oceans are covered with water, making it impossible to see their original shapes. We aim to contribute to the protection of people's lives from natural disasters and the creation of a safe and prosperous country by visualizing and diagnosing hazards in coastal, river, and foothill slope areas where many people live, and by proposing prescriptions that are suited to each region.

Selected Works

Haraguchi Tsuyoshi, Iwamatsu Akira (2011), Detailed Tsunami Map of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Upper and Lower Volumes). Kokin Shoin

Hayashi Hiromichi, Kamai Toshitaka, Haraguchi Tsuyoshi (2012), A village at the bottom of the lake sunk by an earthquake: Science of the Lake Biwa Lake Bottom Site. Sunrise Publishing Co.

Haraguchi Tsuyoshi, Iwamatsu Akira (2013), The Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami Detailed Map, Revised and Preserved Edition, Kokin Shoin

Haraguchi Tsuyoshi (2019), On the Location Environment around the Ceibal Site, Guatemala, Theories of Ancient American Civilizations (Chapter 1, Section 2), Kyoto University Press

Haraguchi Tsuyoshi, Imamura Fumihiko, Sugawara Daisuke, Iwamatsu Akira (2022), Tsunami Detailed Maps of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 10 Years, Kokinshoin

Selected Memberships
  • Japan Society of Engineering Geology
  • Japan Geoscience Union
  • American Geophysical Union
Selected Awards
  • 2000 Paper Award, The Japan Society of Applied Geology, "Development of a method for sampling unconsolidated sediments in a constant direction and its application"
  • 2010 Paper Award, Active Fault Society of Japan, "Formation process of uplift zones and volcanically active faults around volcanic belts - the case of Niijima, Kagoshima Prefecture"
  • 2018 Ocean Acoustics Society of Japan, Best Paper Award, "Development of the Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and the Application of Continuous Wavelet Transform for Sediment Layer Detections"