Practical Research and Collaboration Division
Resilient EICT Research Promotion Office
Visiting Professor
Ph.D. (Communication Engineering)

Research Subject(s)
In 2022 KATO Yasuyuki was joined the Resilient EICT Research Promotion Office. His current interests are in the AI that realizes autonomous distributed coordination in research on power and communication convergence network platform technology using DC microgrids.
Key Words
autonomous distributed cooperation / disaster response / large-scale language model / AI navigation
Research Activities

The common occurrences of recent large-scale disasters (Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto Earthquake, Noto Peninsula Earthquake, etc.) are unexpected locations, scales, and tsunami damage, and there is an urgent need to continue to build social systems that can respond to unexpected events. 
The AI that realizes the autonomous distributed collaboration that is the subject of this research is based on large-scale language models (LLMs), so it has the potential to flexibly respond to the above challenges, and an image of this is shown in Figure 1. The outcomes aimed at by this study are as follows.
・Learn the hazard maps and disaster prevention plans of all local governments, regions, ministries, and infrastructure companies
・In addition to expected events, it is possible to generate unexpected events and conduct training using them as a background.
・Because it is possible to communicate in natural language, information sharing with residents and government can be carried out in real time.

Selected Works

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Selected Awards
  • Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers Best Paper Award, Design Consideration on Single-mode Optical Fiber Parameters. March 1983.
  • The Smithsonian Institution's Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology, Y.Mitsunaga, Y.Kato, and T.Abe, "Bigbang project", Oct. 12, 1995.
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