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Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Lab
Research Subject(s)
I'm studying the modern and contemporary history of Japan centering on the Tohoku region. In particular, I'm examining various issues related to the "existence" of people from the perspective of community history, medical and welfare history. and I'm also researching the preservation and utilization of historical and disaster materials. and I'm also researching the preservation and utilization of historical and disaster materials.
Key Words
History / Modern and Contemporary Japanese history / Regional history / Study of regional historical resources / Study od archivis
Research Activities

In the field of modern and contemporary Japanese history, I study various issues related to people's "existence". In particular, while taking up the issues of medical care, welfare, and social security from the 1930s to the 1960s, it examines the mechanisms and systems that support people's "existence" and the changes in the relationships between people and the way society should be. In recent years, it has examined these points from the point of "population problem".

Many historical "Materials"  will be lost in case of a major natural disaster. On the other hand, many "Materials" are created through the experiences of the disaster, the lives of evacuees, and the movement of people in the process of recovery and reconstruction. I am researching how to preserve and pass on both "Materials" and "Materials" to future generations.

As the person in charge of the "Network of Universities and Inter-University Research Institutes for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Materials" which is carried out as a joint project of Tohoku University, Kobe University, and the Human Culture Research Organization, we are also working on the construction of the inter-university network to preserve and pass on the historical and cultural materials of the local community.

Selected Works

Okado, M., Okada, T.,Kawauchi, A.,Kawanishi,H .,and Takaoka, H.(2019).  History of Life and the Present State of Reconstruction : 3.11 Reconnect the Divisions. Otsuki Shoten(in Japanese).

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Kawauchi, A. (2015). The Population Problem and the Tohoku Region : In relation to the Tohoku region 'development' from the World War II to the Post-War II period. Matsumoto, T. Tohoku Region "development": From Modern Industrial Promotion Policies to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Akashi Shoten.(in Japanese).

Kawauchi, A.(2014). The Formation of 'universal health insurance' and Local Autonomy after World War II: The case of Iga region in Mie Prefecture. Historia(Journal of Osaka Historical Association), 259. (in Japanese).

Selected Memberships
  • The Japanese Society for Historical Studies
  • Osaka Historical Association
  • Association of Historcal Science of Osaka
  • The Pollitical Economy and Economic History Society