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Associate Professor

Research Subject(s)
With the theme “People-Centered Housing Recovery,” my research focuses on post-disaster housing reconstruction and community-based recovery planning. My past and current research in the U.S., Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan looks at how housing recovery polices and and their implementation can better support local residents and communities for their life and livelihood recovery.
Key Words
Housing reconstruction / housing policy / housing relocation and resettlment / reconstruction plans / town development / community development / human-centered housing reconstruction / disaster museums and memorialization
Selected Works

Maly, E. and Suppasri, A. (2020) “The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction at Five: Lessons from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.” International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, 11(2), April 2020.

Maly, E. (2018). Building Back Better with People Centered Housing Recovery, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. Vol. 29, August 2018, 84-93.

Maly, E. (2018). Housing Recovery and Displacement from Fukushima: Five Years Post-Nuclear Meltdown. In Santiago-Fandiño, V., Sato, S., Maki, N., Iuchi, K. (eds). The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Reconstruction and Restoration: Insights and Assessment after 5 Years (pp. 205-225). Springer: Cham.

Maly, E., Kondo, T., Banba, M., and Iuchi, K. (2018). The Role of Residential Buyouts in Post-Disaster Housing Recovery Support: A Comparison of Recent Cases from Japan and the United States, Proceedings of the International Planning History Society Conference, Yokohama, Japan, July 2018.
Maly, E., Kondo, T., and Banba, M. (2017). Experience from the United States: Post-Katrina and Sandy. In Banba, M. and Shaw, R. (eds). Land Use Management in Disaster Risk Reduction: Practice and Cases from a Global Perspective (pp. 79-106). Springer: Cham.

Selected Memberships
  • Japanese Housing Congress, Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), Japan Society for Disaster Recovery and Revitalization, City Planning Institue of Japan, Institue of Social Safety Science