Risk Evaluation and Disaster Mitigation Research Division
Inland Earthquake and Volcano Lab

Graduate School of Science
Research Subject(s)
Jun Muto finished his PhD at Tohoku University in 2006. Then, he worked as a post-doctral researcher supported by JSPS Overseas Research Fellowship in the Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University (USA) under the supervision of Prof. Tullis. On April 2008 he moved back to Tohoku University as an assistant professor. Since 2016, he is an associate professor of Tohoku University. He has been studied on the rheology of crust and mantle rocks by laboratory experiments and numerical modeling. His present research is focused on the post-seismic deformation of 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake.
Key Words
Postseismic deformation / Tohoku-Oki Earthquake / Rheology