Practical Research and Collaboration Division
2030 Global DRR Agenda Office
Professor (Specially Appointed)
Ph.D.(Regional Development Studies)

Green Goals Initiative
Research Subject(s)
We are working on decision-making support approaches to effectively promote reducing the existing risk with disaster risk reduction investment and also promote controlling the future risk through guiding urban development and land use.
Key Words
Build Back Better / Pre-disaster Investment on DRR / DRR for Developing Countries / Disaster Risk Assessment / SFDRR
Research Activities

To reduce losses from disasters, the most important thing is to make efforts to minimize disaster risks on a daily basis.  In Japan and other developed countries, historical accumulation of disaster risk reduction investment against high-frequency and low-intensity hazard exposures is considerable.  However, many developing countries have entered a period of rapid economic growth without either historical or simultaneous proper disaster risk reduction efforts, and such gap has been expanded further in the development.  During over 28 years of practical experience working for JICA's development programs and projects before joining Tohoku University, I have seen such dilemma everywhere in the developing countries.  Therefore, the biggest research and education challenge is to steadily correct this situation, even with small increments.  I would like to establish a methodology and logic for that purpose.