Endowed Research Division
Earthquake Disaster Prevention for Urban Areas Lab (OYO Corporation)
Research Subject(s)
We are working on the prediction of strong groung motion and surface deformation near the fault. In particular, we are focusing on the structures of shallow fault and aiming to develop fault model settings and simulation methods using of geological and geographical data.
Research Activities

There are many inland faults in Japan, antd there are some areas where active faults fave been confirmed even in densely populated areas and urban areas that are the center of government and regional economies. If an earthquake occurs on such an active fault, the damage can be enormous. Therefor, we are conducting research to improve the accuracy of strong ground motion prediction and surface deformation prediction near faults and utilize them for disaster prevention and mitigation in the region. Since we believe that the structure of the shallow part of the fault is an important key to various phenomena near the fault, we are aiming to improve the accuracy of prediction by refining the model used for simulation by using geological and geographical information.

Selected Memberships
  • The Seismological Society of Japan