Endowed Research Division
Earthquake Disaster Prevention for Urban Areas Lab (OYO Corporation)
Visiting Associate Professor
Ph. D. (Sciece)

Research Subject(s)
I am trying to reveal the distribution of active faults and their continuity of its subsurface geological structure using geomorphological and geophysical methods. I have been studying active faults in the northeast Japan and around the Sendai Plain.
Key Words
Earth and Planetary Sciecnes / Active tectonics / Active fault / Subsurface geological structure
Research Activities

There are a lot of active fault in Japan, where is located in one of the most active mobile belt in the world. Sometimes, Earthquake occur on active fault just beneath our human life can cause serious damage. Where is the causative active fault and how does their subsurface structure and geometry? How have the topography and geological structure been created along the long geological time scale? The evaluation of active faults and its subsurface structure will lead to prevent us from serious damage of earthquakes caused by inland active faults. We are going to reveal the features from surface to subsurface of active fault and its paleo-activity with using geomorphological and geophysical method such as seismic reflection and gravity survey.