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Inquiries about studying at IRIDeS

IRIDeS is a research institute that does not directly offer courses for students, and students are not directly affiliated with IRIDeS. However, as some IRIDeS researchers teach and supervise students who study disaster-related subjects in other departments of Tohoku University, in some cases, it is possible to study about disaster science under an IRIDeS researcher’s supervision.

If you would like to study disaster science under an IRIDeS researcher’s supervision, you should enroll in the department that most closely fits your study/research interest (for example, School of Engineering, School of Medicine). For information on admission to those departments, please check the page below.

You can find courses offered by IRIDeS researchers from the list and the search engine provided on this page. You may directly email professors whose expertise is close to what you would like to pursue, and ask for their advice.