Cognitive Sciences Lab

Research Activities
Cognition naturally affects human behavior in any situation surrounding a disaster. In this research field, we conduct basic research on the cognitive processes underlying human perception of and behavior in complex physical and social environments. We apply the outcome of such research to developing systems for disaster prevention, mitigation, and restoration that are friendlier to human’s cognitive mechanisms.
Our basic research uses multiple techniques from psychology, cognitive science, and brain science. It investigates the characteristics and mechanisms of cognitive processes in which one's decisions and behavior are determined by the integration of multiple factors. These factors may include the form and content of information, the context of that information’s perception, the perceiver's knowledge, feelings, expectations, and recognition of the self / society.
Our application studies exploit the outcomes of the basic research. These studies propose and empirically evaluate a new education / training program for disaster prevention, systems for disaster information transmission and emergency response, and city planning policies and reconstruction process, based on the evidence we obtain from cognitive science.
Cognitive Psychology of Communication Lab, Department of Human-Social Information Sciences, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University
Tohoku University Motoaki Sugiura Lab.
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