Spatial Design Strategies Lab

Research Activities
The places where we live, work, gather, and relax every day, such as homes, cities, and communities, are made up of spaces of various buildings and infrastructures. In the event of a disaster, it is necessary to promptly restore and reconstruct these spaces and rebuild their daily life. On the other hand, we human beings have been creating design methods to make these spaces more convenient, more comfortable, and to live a safe and secure life every day. These spaces have diverse regional characteristics based on the local nature and climate, as well as the traditional culture nurtured by them. Space design strategies research field is conducting research on timely design methods necessary for [①evacuation life], [②temporary life], and [③reconstruction of life]. At the same time, we will face various social changes such as unexpected disasters, population decline or super-aging society, and revitalize ourselves in harmony with nature and traditional culture and by utilizing local resources (human resources, local material, traditional culture). We especially are conducting practical research on space design methods corresponding to [④Resilient & Sustainable planning].
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