Disaster Culture and Archive Studies

Research Activities
We live and nurture culture with the blessings of the rich environment of the sea and the land. At the same time, we must also accept natural hazards that are part of the Earth's activities. Our predecessors have faced a large variety of natural hazard induced disasters and continued to coexist with nature. They developed a "disaster culture" that encompasses diverse perspectives on disasters and nature. To prepare for future disasters, we should learn from such past experiences.  
In this research field, starting with the Tohoku region of Japan, we collect records and preserve experiences from the past to the present regarding natural hazards around the world, and develop interdisciplinary research based on those records for disaster mitigation and education.
The results obtained in this research and the collected records are made accessible online in the disaster digital archive and are further utilized in disaster risk educational tourism (BOSAI tourism) as a new way of passing on the experiences by overcoming past disasters.
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